Pink Corruption Fanon Wiki

I love my name, Carrie!

Vanilla spinning around after getting his name.

Vanilla is a multicolored hero. He’s the hero of one of the multicolored trees.


Just as The Pink Corruption ended. Multicolored trees were formed. Same with hero’s. Later, once the Swirl Corruption started, all trees were separated. One day, he flew out the tree unexpectedly during a corruption storm and landed in a lane of bushes next to Carrie’s house.



He has a white and purple appearance. His eyes are oval and black and white.


He has the same colors as his prime. Except he has a body. His clothes color is a bluish purple color with a triangle with a outline over it. He has a gray scarf on him.


He has the same colors as his second and prime. Except his shirt is flattened. His pants color is blue. He has a light purple hair on top of him. He has black boots. One is taller than the other.


He is a strong, multicolored hero who protects the multicolored trees. He acts like he can control anything, but he can’t (because he’s afraid to show how he actually is). He thinks about his caretaker and other shapes as of him being helpful.

Weapons and Powers

Multi Shield

Rare to some multicolored hero’s. A hero will able to create a shield with higher strength. The strength helps it stay alive more and it makes it more powerful.



Tsavorites voice but a bit more higher.


Cyans voice but a little more high.



  • No matter how close contact multicolored hero’s are, he can’t remember the others
  • Him and Cubic are able to contact each other
    • This means they can meet in Vanilla’s dreams.