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Nothing like a good wash to bring out your true colors!!!~~


Spook is Soap's corrupt counterpart. She is very well known for her little "corruption sprees" alongside Lycanthropy, Maroon, and Rosegold.


Spook was the first of the four "insane corruptors" of what is now known as The Red Chaos, which was when Four was born, Blerix woke up from her coma, and Blerix's Corruption began to spread. Of course, there's more to it, but we’re focusing on Spook's history and how she contributed to the Chaos. It began when Soap was fast asleep, napping out in the open. She had assumed that nothing would hurt her while she was asleep. As she slept, a corrupted Ajaceare approached her and infected her. This woke her and made her extremely upset. Spook took it out on the environment, poisoning everything around her with the virus. On her way, she met Lythorus, then Citren, then Gold... and thus began the rise of the infamous four.


Spook takes on mostly the same appearance, with exception of her colors and her facial features.


In two words, she's half empty. Vampire-like but not afraid of sunlight, she travels Paradise and usually either corrupts everything in her path or shows off what she sees as beauty- the shiny but toxic result of over-cleaning oneself. Spook doesn’t care- as Soap, her body had become so used to it that it was a little more difficult to poison her.

Weapons and Powers

Toxic Bite

If she's annoyed enough, she bites- her bite stings and, in the event it doesn’t corrupt the target, can cause rashes, allergic reactions, loss of appetite, and in very rare cases, death. This is proven to be a biological mutation caused by her constant exposure to various chemicals that cause similar symptoms, both corrupted and not.

Cloud Control

Spook can stand on clouds, fall into them as a means of teleportation, cause rain, and move clouds. This ability plays a major role in her level.

Holdable "Weapon"

While she has basically the same sponge, the soap that's in it is corruptive.



Her voice bleeps sound like a lower pitched version of Teal from Just Shy, Shapes, and Beats.


Her voice sounds like a lower pitched version of Vocaloid Gumi.