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You always pretend you don't need me!

Jolteon joking about Ina trying to look cool around him

Jolteon is a young spark who followed Pyrare, Iris, and Dub in hopes of learning more about the Heroes and the Pink Corruption until one day he was captured by a curious Blerix who wanted to know what he was.


Due to being Blerix's spark, Jolteon in his shape form has the mark of Blerix's Corruption. He looks like a Hero, but his pink color gives away the fact that he is not really a Hero. He likes his form anyway so he keeps it. His blindfold hides his lack of eyes, but also resembles Citren's headband. He has sharp teeth but not Lycanthropy's facial features.


Jolteon usually shows himself to be calm and collected, but will begin to panic if he sees that someone is in danger. Even if it's not someone he knows or he remembers that they can't be harmed by the means they look like they're about to (e.g. a shape is lashing out at another spark), he will rush to their defense. He gets nervous when he senses approaching danger and begins to flare up (if he's in his normal form) as a result.

Weapons and Powers

Strong Intuition

Jolteon has a very strong intuition, meaning his gut feelings are more likely to be correct rather than a result of anxiety or overthinking.


Jolteon will know if danger is coming for his allies. He will not know exactly, but if the danger is a shape he'll know this and may even guess said shape's gender identity (which is bizarre, as gender can be a very unimportant detail in some cases).

Controllable Weapon

Jolteon can cause a large laser to hit what he's looking at. He uses this more often for defense than offense.


Jolteon has an accent, strangely. His voice is similar to Citren.


His beeps sound similar to Citren, but with a slight hint of distortion and also a bit deeper.


He sounds like Citren but with a slight British accent.


  • He is well aware he's named after a Pokèmon. This could technically be considered a fourth wall break.
    • Blerix named him, completely unaware of the Pokèmon named Jolteon.
    • This is a joke on how he and his species are constantly labeled as sparks, which in real life are typically tiny flames or tiny jolts of electricity.