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He tried to be my friend when I needed one most, but it never turned out well. Now I watch him succeed as a leader while I'm boiling in shame as 'that one shape you shouldn't talk to'.

Ina lamenting about her experience with Lythorus

Ina is a lonely Gast who was raised with flowers and never had any friends until Blerix's Corruption happened, which was when she met the Heroes and Caretakers.


In preschool, Ina was nicknamed 'Ghastlina' by her classmates. Everyone was scared of her because of her ghostly appearance and invisible hands. However, one little boy her age, Lythorus, was brave enough to play hide and seek with her. This was when she discovered her power to become invisible, and pulled a joke on him with it. As she traveled into elementary school, Ina's nickname stuck. She had already grown to the average height of a third grader, despite being a kindergartener. She and Lythorus were still in the same class, and everyone was still scared of her. Even the mean kids in school were deathly afraid of her, especially when she tried to give Lythorus a hug- and accidentally absorbed him into the marking on her chest. Ina immediately released him, but the incident still frightened everyone. As she advanced in school, these abilities only became stronger and more uncontrollable. She always shared a class or two with Lythorus. In middle school, she got a jumpsuit. Disliking the sleeves, she tore them out. In college, she was expelled for possessing a classmate, even though it was an accident. Because of how feared she had been her whole life, she became moody and mean.


Ina is grey skinned but pink haired, with hot pink hair that becomes a deep magenta as it reaches the bottom. She wears a dark grey jumpsuit that she tore the sleeves off of, in order to fully hide her invisible hands. The jumpsuit shows her special pink mark that a lot of her powers involve. At the knees, the jumpsuit fades to pink and then back to grey.


Ina is mean and scary. She has a natural enmity towards Lythorus and has always been lonely. She's neutral when it comes to corruption, but if it causes too much chaos she will intervene even if it harms her already horrible reputation.

Weapons and Powers


Ina can absorb another shape into her mark and use their weapons and abilities, however, her mark will take on their color and they will be able to exclaim out for help through it. The shape can also fight her for freedom and will usually be dropped after struggling for a long time or if she gets physically injured.


Ina can possess other shapes, allowing them to use her abilities except for possession. Their hands become invisible and their mark is replaced by hers. However, she can take control or leave at any time, and will bring any shape she absorbed while in the target's body with her. Like with absorption, shapes can fight this ability and force her away.

Controllable Weapon

Ina can conjure large circles that can expand or disappear, similar to the levels in the original JSaB featuring Danimal Cannon's music.



Her beeps sound like the sound effects at the very beginning of her theme song.


Her voice sounds similar to Sam from the Gears of War series.


  • I got the idea for her when I was looking at my shadow while brushing my (then long) hair.