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Here, you can place a quote from your character!


Here, a short description is in order.

Story (Optional Heading)

Any backstory available on your character? If not, you can remove this section.

Appearance (Heading)

Try to describe the character's outfit and facial features and good as possible. Don't forget their arms if it's a monster! This is vitally important, especially if you have no image to go with your infobox!

Personality (Heading)

Here, you describe how your character thinks and acts. Do so as detailed as possible.

Weapons and Powers (Heading)

Here, you describe any weapons and abilities your character may have. You don't need to try to describe the beam or other natural abilities if he or she is a Hero.

Voice (Optional Heading)

Here, you describe or put an example of their voice acting and voice beeps. If it sounds similar to any character who has voice beeping or acting, put it here.

Beeps (Sub-Heading)

The voice beeps are short, often widely pitched series of bleeps that are distinct for each character.

Acting (Sub-Heading)

The actual voice for your character.

Trivia (Optional Heading)

  • Fun facts go here!
  • the whole section must be bullet pointed.
    • Certain info goes under other facts.

Gallery (Heading)

Any images you have of your character and his or her weapons go here. Use the "Gallery" option in edit mode.

Animations (Heading)

Any videos of your character go here.